Friant System 2 – Herman Miller A02

Starting at $700
Make: Friant System @
Size: Standard 6 x 6, 6 x 7, 6 x 8, 5 x 7, 5 x 6 and more
Quantity: 1-500
Phone: 440.967.7718 or 440.683.4685

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NEW, Excellent quality but priced like USED.

SYSTEM 2, a classic system, delivers structural
integrity, clean design aesthetic and ease of installation.

This monolithic panel system features full-length
steel and aluminum connectors that can be installed
and reconfigured easily. The honeycomb core construction
meets or exceeds industry standards for strength and
longevity. System 2 can also be blended in with your
current Herman Miller A02.

Ask about our 5 Day and 10 Day Quick Ship Program!

System 2 offers a Lifetime Warranty to the original

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