FAQ: With so many used office furniture companies, why should I choose Integrity Wholesale?

    • With so many used office furniture companies, why should I choose Integrity Wholesale?
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      There are a number of reasons why Integrity Wholesale Furniture is the premier used office furniture company in the Midwest. While the brand itself was started officially in 2003, our roots demonstrate over 20 years of successful “customers first” business with integrity. Our warehouse boasts over one hundred thousand square feet, which translates into the truly largest used office furniture inventory in Ohio, and possibly in the whole Midwest.

      Integrity Wholesale Furniture means getting what you need, when you need it, at the right price. We have the best connections and affiliates in the industry! We know all of our freight carriers personally, so we personally guarantee delivery. Beyond simple delivery, we offer a host of services which only enhance the value of your purchase when you buy from the Integrity Wholesale brand. The architects we are affiliated with are our affiliates because of their passion for improving the quality of life for those who work in offices across America. Design firms which we contract with are chosen because of their position on the cutting edge of the design industry, so any interior design project with us is sure to be a hit! The installation companies we work with have the best track records with ample experience.

      We make such a big deal about knowing who we work with so that you never have to worry about the people who hold your business in their hands lacking commitment and the integrity that your business’ project deserves. As a matter of fact, we build connections even outside of our general operating area so that if your business resides outside of the Midwest or you have a branch outside, we can still service you and have businesses we have worked closely with to build trusted relationship with over years. That way, if our top managers can’t oversee your project directly because of the distance, we have someone who holds themselves to the same standards who can.

      We take pride in these relationships, and even have earned the trust and respect from brand retailers like Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, and Knoll in all the major cities in the Midwest, such as Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati. This trust is part of why we have such passion for the used furniture business, and why we are so excited to extend our brand’s services to you!

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