Herman Miller Cubicles

At Integrity Wholesale Furniture, we have an dozens of high quality Herman Miller cubicles options. Herman Miller cubicle options include Ethospace, Canvas, AO2, Resolve and more. Buying used Herman Miller cubicles is a great investment. All of the brands listed can be purchased new today and will be around for many years to come. Herman Miller Ethospace is a top quality Tiled cubicle systems, it provides exceptional wire management and belt-line power. If you are looking for gently-used or Remanufactured Ethospace, look no further than www.integritywholesale.net. Let us help you with your furniture lay-out. Our 3-D capability allows you to visualize your new space.

Herman Miller Canvas 8×6

Herman Miller Canvas 8×6 cubicles and U-shaped manager stations with bullet tables. 56″ high panels. Worksurface configuration consisting of a...More


Tiles by Foundry Office

Herman Miller Ethospace compatible tile system. Available in a nearly every size, height and color. Looking for a used tile system but can't find...More


Herman Miller Resolve 6 x 6

These Herman Miller Resolve 6 x 6 units are an exceptional value for any office. The 83" boomerang work surface allows you ample room to work. Every...More


Herman Miller A02

Herman Miller A02 6 x 8 High panels, Overhead Bin, Box/box/file, File/file and paper mgmt. Rated a solid 8.5 Sold in 8...More