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The Haworth name is one of the biggest names in the office furniture industry. It’s up there with the likes of Herman Miller, Knoll Morrison and others that you may recognize. At Integrity Wholesale Furniture, we have a variety of used Haworth cubicles that would be great in your office for a variety of reasons. For one thing, they look great. You want to have nice looking used cubicles in your work space for when your clients come walking through. Making a great first impression is important and we want to help you make the best first impression possible.

Another reason for having Haworth used office cubicles in your office space is because you want your employees to have a productive and efficient space for working in so they can get their important projects done each day. At Integrity Wholesale Furniture, you will find several lines of used Haworth cubicles with ample work spaces and features that will help your office become more productive without spending too much money. Some of these product lines include the Haworth Premise, the Haworth Unigroup and several others. Each line of used cubicles has features that are unique to themselves so there are many choices available for you to choose from.

The Haworth company traces its roots all the way back the 1948 when a guy with a dream wanted to start a business. Gerrard Wendell Haworth  borrowed money from his parent’s life savings so he could expand his woodworking business that he ran out of the family’s garage. He was just hoping to earn enough money to put his kids through college at the time.

Within 10 years, Haworth had an office for his company. A stranger walked into his office with a set of plans from the United Autoworkers Union in Detroit, MI. Haworth agreed to create the products that were included in the plan and this is the one single move that put his company on the map. The plans were for an office partition system designed to give the employees at the UAW’s office their own personal and private workspace, which later came to be known as the modern day cubicle.

With the long and storied history of the Haworth company, you can have complete confidence in the products that they sell. At Integrity Wholesale Furniture in the greater Columbus area, we deal with only the best and highest quality materials which is one of the reasons that we carry the Haworth name. Our representatives go around the country and purchase used office cubicles and other furnishings and then bring them back to our warehouse. We then evaluate those pieces to see if we can refurbish them. The ones that we can refurbish get brought back to life. If they are too far gone, we take off the salvageable pieces so we can use those parts on other used office furniture.

Another great service that we provide at Integrity Wholesale Furniture is that we will purchase the old used furniture that you have in your office and get it all out of your way. Are you keeping old furniture because you simply don’t have a place to put it? Do you want to upgrade your current furniture with something more current with a new appearance? Or do you just need to downsize but you don’t know what to do with the desks, chairs, cubicles and other furnishings? At integrity Wholesale Furniture, we can pick it all up and even pay you for it. What other used office furniture dealer does that for you? Contact us today to put our staff to work for you!

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