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Finding awesome deals on the best used Herman Miller cubicles in the Columbus OH area is simple when you search the inventory at Integrity Wholesale Furniture. We have a variety of used HM cubicles and workstations that you can choose from and we offer a variety of services to make everything as easy as possible. Check us out today to find some of the following cubicles and ways that we can serve you.

One of the more popular Herman Miller used workstations is the Ethospace 120 degree stations. These are ideal if you are running a telemarketing business because they offer workspaces that are designed for making phone calls, taking notes and more. The unique configuration of these Herman Miller workspaces offers maximum use of space efficiently so you don’t have to worry about it taking up more space than needed. In addition, each individual workstation comes with a pedestal which is ideal for storage. Whether your workers need to store document, books or materials, the pedestal is the ideal place to do it. Combine these workstations with some quality Herman Miller used office chairs and you can get everything you need in one place.

Another group of Herman Miller cubicles that you can put into your workspace is the AO2 cubicles. These come in a variety of sizes so you can find the ones that fit best within your office area. You can choose from panels that measures 6×8 and stand 67 inches high or 8×6.5 with panels that stand 39 inches high. These used Herman Miller cubicles have work surfaces that have a 30×48 corner with two return work surfaces, one of which measures 30 by 30 inches and the other measures 30 by 48 inches. The deep box pedestal filing unit measures 30 inches wide and it’s ideal for storing a lot of things to reduce clutter on the work surface. These cubicles also have a power along the spine which helps keep cords out of the way and off of the floor where someone can trip over them. You can buy these used Herman Miller cubicles in multi packs at a bargain or individually depending on the needs of your office.

In addition to all of the used cubicles and office furniture that you will find at Integrity Wholesale Furniture in the greater Columbus area, you will love the services that we provide. If you aren’t sure about how many cubicles you should purchase for your office, we can help you determine the ideal number based on the amount of space that you have as well as the number of employees that work in your office space. Our representatives are highly qualified in space planning for the most efficient use of space so you can have complete confidence in our services.

In addition to that, we can deliver all of your used cubicles and other used office furniture directly to your office when you purchase from Integrity Wholesale Furniture. We have a crew of professional installers so we can get everything installed in the shortest amount of time possible so you don’t have to worry about it interfering with the normal office operations any longer than necessary.

At Integrity Wholesale Furniture, we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with all of the products and services that we provide. We have been serving the greater Columbus area for several years and we continue to provide excellent service for our clients. Shop our inventory today either on our website or in person to find all of the used office furniture that you need at an affordable price.


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