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At Integrity Wholesale Furniture in Ohio, we provide several services to our clients and customers. For one thing, we have a full inventory of used Herman Miller office cubicles for you to choose from that you can have installed in your office area. Herman Miller is one of the premier leaders in the office furniture industry and the company has reinvented the cubicle several times. In addition to that, Herman Miller is the company that made the cubicle so popular and a staple in today’s office environment.

One of the cubicle products that you will find in our inventory, either online or in person, is the Herman Miller Resolve cubicles. At Integrity Wholesale Furniture, we have many of these cubicles in stock and ready for you to purchase for your office. The Resolve cubicles and workstations are in good condition and they come in a soft white color that will fit in with your office. The pedestals come in a light neutral color and they are ideal for putting stuff in to keep them off of the work surface.

In addition to that, the Herman Miller AO2 cubicles are also available in a variety of sizes. The 8×7 cubicles are available with panels that stand 39 inches high so it will be easy for your employees to communicate with one another. The light blue fabric is ideal for neutrality and the gray work surfaces are great complements to that. These cubicles have powered spines that are ideal for plugging electronics into, including your computer, monitor and much more. This helps keep the cords from stretching across the floor which can create tripping hazards and safety hazards throughout the office.

If you want your employees to have more privacy or be more excluded from the surroundings, the Herman Miller AO2 cubicles with panels that stand 67 inches high give your employees all the privacy they need. It also helps guard from distractions with the high panels. These used cubicles available at Integrity Wholesale Furniture also have ample work surfaces which are ideal for any sized project. The surfaces include one corner which measures 24 by 42 inches and two returns, one of which measures 24×24 inches and one that measures 24×48 inches. The medium gray color is also ideal for fitting in with the office décor regardless of its current color.

In addition to offering a variety of high quality used office cubicles, we are prepared to purchase your used office furniture at top dollar. Our representatives can come to your office and see what you have available that you no longer want to keep around. If you have used office chairs, cubicles or other furnishings, we can provide an offer and if you agree with the offer, we can sometimes purchase and haul away the furniture in the same day so you don’t have to deal with it cluttering up your work space any longer than needed. Our crews are experts at uninstalling cubicles so we can do it quickly and efficiently.

And once we are done taking away your used cubicles, we can install the refurbished cubicles that you have purchase from us. We do it all from buying your used furniture to helping you plan your office space and much more. We have been serving customers throughout  Ohio and other parts of the country for several years and our reputation speaks for itself. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who come back to us for all of their used furniture services and needs so you can contact us without any worries at all. Check us out today!


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