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Finding a company to buyback used Haworth cubicles in the Cleveland area is simple when you contact Integrity Wholesale Furniture. We offer a great buyback service for all of your used office furnishings and we offer the most money for your furnishings than any other used office dealer in the surrounding area. Once we purchase your used office furniture from you, we put it through a rigorous refurbishing process that makes it look as new as possible. We then sell these pieces at huge discounts to our clients and customers so you don’t have to break your budget when it comes time to refurnish your entire office or simple replace a few of the furniture that are currently broken, old or outdated.

Integrity Wholesale Furniture has been serving clients and customers in the Cleveland area for several decades. We are the premier used office furniture dealer in the area and we continue to provide the highest quality service and products for people. One of the ways we instill confidence in our customers is by providing only the best names in the industry. Haworth is one of those names and you will find a wide selection of used office cubicles and workstations that carry that name in our inventory.

The Haworth Premise 8×8 is one of the larger cubicles you will find in our showroom and warehouse. These cubicles have panels that stand 64 inches high which provides a great deal of privacy for the employees who are working inside it. There are two corner work surfaces included in these cubicles, each of which measure 48 inches by 24 inches. There is also a return work surface which measures 18 inches by 24 inches for plenty of work space for a variety of daily projects. The open shelf in these used cubicles measures 48 inches for ample storage space. These Haworth cubicles  come with three duplexes for each station along with storage areas and a task light for added convenience.

Another popular line of used Haworth cubicles that you’ll find when shopping at Integrity Wholesale Furniture is the Unigroup line of cubicles. You’ll find these cubicles in a 5×5 size with panels that stand 42 inches tall. These used office cubicles offer a 36 inch by 24 inch corner work surface combined with two return work surfaces that measure 24 inches by 24 inches. Another great thing about these cubicles is the 24 inch FF pedestal and the 24 inch BBF pedestal for added storage capabilities.

Haworth is a company that traces its beginnings all the way back to the 1940s when GW Haworth began the company in his garage. Over the years, the company has created high quality innovative products that have helped revolutionize the modern office space. And since they are built with high quality materials as well, they will last for many, many years to come. If your office has some Haworth furnishings in your space that you no longer need due to downsizing or some other situation, contact the professionals at Integrity Wholesale Furniture to get top dollar for those furnishings. We go around the country and buyback used cubicles and much more so you don’t have to worry about getting rid of them or having them end up in a landfill.

Since Integrity Wholesale Furniture has been a staple in the Cleveland, OH area, you can expect the best customer service around. We strive to make each and every customer as happy as possible so you can come to us for everything you need. Shop our online inventory or visit us in person to find the best refurbished office furnishings for your needs.

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