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Finding used Herman Miller cubicles is easy to do when you are in the Ohio area. At Integrity Wholesale Furniture, we have a wide variety of Herman Miller cubicles for you to choose from. That’s because we scour the country looking for companies who want to get rid of their used office furniture. Many companies contact us because they are going out of business and they have several pieces of office furniture that they don’t know what to do with once they close down. Others contact us because they are downsizing and they have more furniture than they need. Still others call Integrity Wholesale Furniture simply because they want a change of pace around their office so they purchase refurbished office furniture from us and have us pick up their old furniture. Do you fall into any of these categories? If so, our representatives are waiting to talk to you.

One of the biggest names that we carry at Integrity Wholesale Furniture is Herman Miller. This is a name that everybody in the office furniture industry recognizes for several reasons. For one thing, Herman Miller encourages its employees to make a difference in their surrounding community by offering pay for a couple weeks of taking time off of work and volunteering in one of many organizations that provide help for those who need it. Herman Miller is also an eco-conscious company. For decades, the company has been creating products that can be reused, recycled and repurposed. A large percentage of the materials used in Herman Miller cubicles, desks and other products can be recycled when they product reaches the end of its usable life. That means that there is less waste that ends up in the landfill which can take hundreds of years to biodegrade.

One of the best Herman Miller used office cubicles that you will find in our showroom is the Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles. If you have a telemarketing company or if you are in a similar industry where the majority of the work in your office includes spending a lot of time on the phone, these will be ideal for you. These used Ethospace cubicles have a serpentine configuration and they make the most efficient use of space possible. These used cubicles have panels that stand 42 inches high on the spine and the panels that separate each cubicle stand about 39 inches high. There is also a BFF pedestal included with these cubicles for storing papers, documents and other materials to help keep the work surface free of clutter and things that can hinder productivity and efficiency.

The Herman Miller Resolve cubicles are also ideal for most office situations. These used office cubicles and workstations were revolutionary when they were designed and when they hit the retail floor several years ago. Today, Herman Miller continues to produce and reinvent the Resolve cubicles so today’s business owners are always looking for these quality workstations for their employees. These used cubicles have everything your employees need for a productive work day, including ample work surfaces, an open air atmosphere and more. The soft white décor means that it will fit in with your office and the metallic champagne trim also gives it a unique appearance that will impress your clients and your employees can be proud of.

When you shop at Integrity Wholesale Furniture, we do everything from offer high quality products to offering top dollar for the used office furniture that you no longer want. Get the whole process started today by calling our friendly and knowledgeable representatives. You’ll find everything you need in one easy to find place.


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