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At Integrity Wholesale Furniture, you can find a variety of used conference tables with a selection of designs and woods. We purchase used conference tables from companies in the Cleveland area and beyond and then we refurbish those tables so you can buy them at a discount price without sacrificing quality or appearance.

Before you purchase your used conference tables from Integrity Wholesale Furniture, it is important to determine the type of setup you will have in your conference room. There are several different configurations and while some of those configurations may have benefits depending on the type of meeting you are planning to have, this is mainly a personal preference so you can choose what works best for you. One of the meeting room configurations that you can use is the classroom set up. With the classroom style, you generally have a few rows of used conference tables with a few chairs at each table. This configuration has the people facing the front of the room and it is ideal if you tend to give presentations on a regular basis that will require your employees to see it.

The theater style configuration is another popular set up for meeting rooms in many office areas. This is ideal if you don’t have a lot of space in your room because it maximizes the amount of space that you have. With this configuration, the chairs are simply set up facing the front of the room and there is typically space in the middle aisle and along the side aisles. You can set up one of your used conference tables at the front of the room so you have a place to do your presentation.

Another common configuration that you can choose is the common conference-style. This is how most meetings are set up in today’s office setting with one or more conference tables sitting in the middle of the room with a number of chairs surrounding the tables. This particular configuration is ideal if you regularly have meetings in which you want your team to take notes, help you brainstorm ideas or where there is not a designated leader of the meeting. This configuration is great for collaboration and discussion but it also provides work space for the people around the table. Similarly, the hollow square configuration places used conference tables in a square formation, but there is a space in the center. This helps expand the number of people who can sit around the table which makes this formation great for larger meetings in which discussions, conversations and ideas are encouraged. Typically, this formation is for meetings in which there is not a presenter or a leader and there is enough room for each person sitting at the table to jot down notes.

A U-shaped configuration is much like the conference style configuration as it has several conference tables involved but the tables are placed end to end and they form the shape of a U. The chairs are situated around the outer perimeter of the tables which makes this configuration ideal for having conversations with small groups, brainstorming with team members and many other purposes where discussion and participation in encouraged.

The banquet style configuration is one of the more informal configurations that you can choose for some of your meetings. In this formation, you set up your used conference tables scattered throughout the meeting room with chairs surrounding each table. This type of configuration is only viable in larger meeting rooms and it is generally reserved for larger groups of people because it is more space efficient than most other configurations.

 These are just a few of the configurations you can consider when you have your used conference tables delivered to your office by Integrity Wholesale Furniture. With our expertise in the office furniture industry, you may even be able to get some ideas from our representatives who have had many years of experience in planning office spaces and designing meeting rooms. We can help you determine the best configuration for your purposes and even set up your used conference tables in that formation when we deliver them to your place of business.

As one of the most reputable used office furniture dealers in the Cleveland area, you can purchase from us with complete confidence. We have been serving the Cleveland area for many years and we plan to do the same for many years to come. And with our warehouse which holds more than 60,000+ square feet of space with much of it covered by used office furniture, we are confident that you can find exactly what you need at a price that you can afford. Shop for your next used conference tables and other used office furnishings at Integrity Wholesale Furniture and you will save money on the furniture you need.

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