Cleveland Used Cubicles and Workstations; Buy and Sell



When searching for used cubicles and workstations in the Cleveland area, Integrity Wholesale Furniture is the company to trust. We have been serving the Cleveland area and beyond for several years and helping companies furnish their office buildings with high quality used office furniture. We have a warehouse complete with a variety of used cubicles and workstations for you to choose from so you can find something that meets the needs of your employees and your overall office atmosphere.

One of the more popular lines of used office cubicles is the Steelcase Avenir line. The panels on these cubicles stand 53 inches high and they include power along the spine so your employees can simply plug their electronics into the spine of the cubicle instead of stretching cords along the floor and cluttering up the office space. The corner part of the workstation within these used cubicles is adjustable according to the height that is comfortable to the person using the cubicle. The corner work surface measures 24 inches by 42 inches and there are also two returns that each measure 24 inches by 30 inches. With all of this work surface, your employees will have plenty of room for everything they need to get their day to day tasks done. Also included with these used office Steelcase workstations is a BBF pedestal which is ideal for storing away those important documents and other materials that your employees may need to have access to throughout the day but you don’t want to have them piled on their work surface because it could inhibit their productivity. The neutral gray color of these workstations is ideal because they can fit into nearly office décor without disrupting the overall atmosphere.

Another popular line of used office cubicles that you will find at Integrity Wholesale Furniture is the Haworth Premise cubicles. These are 8×8 cubicles with panels that stand 64 inches high and they have a tumbleweed color fabric combined with a charcoal trim. The actual work surfaces within these used Haworth workstations is a maple laminate for a classic look that appears professional without paying those expensive professional prices. These used workstations are ideal for a variety of purposes as they include three duplexes for each station as well as a task light and a powered spine for plugging things into simply and easily. The Haworth Premise used office workstations will fit into your office setting regardless of the type of business you are operating.

Knoll Morrison is a name in the office furniture industry that you may not hear very often, but this company creates innovative and feature-rich cubicles and workstations that you will definitely find usable. One of the more popular lines of workstations that we carry at Integrity Wholesale Furniture is a 6×6 with panels that stand 64 inches tall. These used office workstations are ideal if you want to give your employees more privacy and set them apart from the rest of the office atmosphere. These are ideal workstations for businesses like telemarketing, billing and other businesses where the workers are on the phone with clients and a barrier is needed between employees to help keep the sound down throughout the office so it doesn’t sound like mass chaos. The work surface in these Knoll Morrison workstations have a corner surface that measures 24 inches by 36 inches and two returns, each of which also measure 24 inches by 36 inches. There is an overhead bin for storage that measure 36 inches. This storage bin is ideal for several things, including storing materials that you need on a daily basis, your personal belongings or other things that you need to keep away from cluttering your work area. The tan trim and white work surface areas will fit in with nearly any office décor so you can buy these used Knoll Morrison workstations with complete confidence.

When shopping for the ideal used cubicles and workstations, you can find a variety of options when you search the inventory at Integrity Wholesale Furniture. We buy used workstations from companies just like you and we take them into our warehouse and refurbish them. If the fabric panels on the used cubicles have rips or tears, we either fix those defects or replace the entire panel. If the work surfaces have a big scratch on them or some other defect, our refurbishing experts know exactly how to buff those scratches out to make the work surface look like new once again. We have years of experience refurbishing old and used office furniture so you can find quality items at great bargain prices. We are your one-stop source for all of your used office furniture needs. Whether you need to sell your used office furniture or find some furniture for your office at affordable prices, contact Integrity Wholesale Furniture to do it all!


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