FAQ: How did IWF get its start?

      • How did Integrity Wholesale Furniture get its start?
        Like so many other leading companies, Integrity Wholesale Furniture Started with a vision. In the sales business, especially the used office furniture market, many sales representatives lose sight of what is important: the customers and their needs. In selling a product, many start selling other people the solutions for their own hopes and dreams in order to get ahead instead of providing solutions to what the customer needs to achieve their own dreams.

        Over 20 years ago, Jeff Marcero realized this and decided to work towards a solution. He entered the furniture retail business aiming to help people, and instead saw people just trying to “make quota”s and counting numbers. He wondered if there was room to be successful but also find real solutions for customers. After he made his decision to give it a short, he founded Integrity Wholesale Furniture… modestly, at first.

        Most businesses in the used officer furniture sector practice buying in bulk without any attention or concern about what they were buying and then sell their beaten down furniture in a fashion that doesn’t faithfully represent what the customer was buying. In starting his own business, Jeff decided to take more care and precision from the product up. He vowed only to purchase used furniture that was either in exceptional condition or from brands he knew were superior, and in turn started by inspecting every piece. Once it was in his inventory, he strived to represent what he was selling faithfully and see the purchase through to the point of customer satisfaction, instead of a “me-first”, “all sales are final” attitude. And business grew.

        Today, Integrity Wholesale Furniture is the leading used office furniture provider for the entire Midwest, but has also delivered to and serviced businesses in all 50 states, thanks largely to Jeff’s commitment to building business partnerships with other like-minded dealers who could effectively extend the reach of Integrity Wholesale Furniture. Together with his leading sales manager, Karen Kovan, there is close to 50 years of honest and fair sales experience. As Jeff’s adopted motto goes, “Wisdom is knowing what path to take next…Integrity is taking it.”

        All of the different businesses in our network and all of our clients are more than just clients or partners to us… we look at them more like a family. We look forward to the next time we get to deal with our regular customers because it tells us that we are doing right by them. Talk to us today to find out how to become part of our “family”!

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