FAQ: How do I know which brands of office furniture are the best?

The major manufacturers have generally had a long time to improve their product lines. This time has given the manufacturer the expertise to work through numerous office furniture engineering issues as well as the foresight to learn how to lead the charge of new innovations and design trends. Companies such as Steelcase and Herman Miller have both had over 100 years of experience to expand and perfect their product, with other leaders such as Haworth possessing over 60 years. Most of the time, it is companies that have this experience and background who set the design trends in office furniture, as new employees come in under the tutelage of experienced designers who can pass on their wisdom, insight, and creative intuition.

Buying used office furniture is a lot like buying a used car.” A vast majority of the market is as good as new, and hardly even used. Occasionally, you have companies that might not have the long-standing industry foundation that the older businesses might have, but that doesn’t mean these newer companies have inferior product. It just means that you might be taking more of a gamble because when they release a product, there isn’t the time-tested reputation to back a product.  Also some of these products may be constructed with more plastic that steel, it doesn’t mean they won’t last as long as you need it too, it won’t last for 20+ years.That’s where we come in on your behalf.  Let’s face it… we’ve all worked a job where someone in your workplace has that obnoxiously squeaky chair or the rattling drawer. Going through Integrity Wholesale Furniture puts what you might think of as a neutral quality control waypoint between you and the corporations that make the furniture itself, so we can either tune up or throw out those defective chairs and desks. It comes down to assured quality. Since virtually all of our product is used, we actually go through the inventory we buy back and test it so that we can be sure that you aren’t getting a product of inferior quality.

It’s important to us that the product you purchase from us is in tip-top shape, because most of our customer base is through word of mouth and repeat customers. As with any profitable business, we want to be profitable, and the only way for us to do that is to put the needs of our customers ahead of our own. That is why we take great care in the selection of which brands and individual pieces of furniture we will sell, because that way you are not only depending on brand alone, but also the trusted word of your local used furniture dealer, Integrity Wholesale Furniture.

The leading brands that have been tested and manufactured for years are:


      • Herman Miller Action Office Two (AO2)



      • Steelcase Avenir



      • Haworth Unigroup



      • Knoll Morrison


Each of the above mentioned manufactures have many “models”.  Some are made with more steel and some made with more plastic which usually defines quality.

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