FAQ: Why should I buy used office furniture?

    • Why should I buy used office furniture?

      In today’s market economy, most consumers end up purchasing products that are new, simply because they believe that it will save them the hassle of “putting up with” the wear and tear of used products without doing research on what is available in the used market. According to the EPA, 25-33% of the waste in landfills is from construction, demolition, and renovation. Consequently, 57% of this waste is from commercial buildings, which translates to approximately 1,502,000 tons of office furniture. Many scientific experts speculate that we are depleting the natural resources of our planet faster than they are being replenished.

      While a portion of the office furniture that ends up in landfills is simply the casualty of the wear and tear of business, much more of it is perfectly good (sometimes virtually unused) furniture that is discarded from business closures and extravagant wastefulness.

      Wholesale furniture dealers such as Integrity Wholesale Furniture offer a solution to both the environmental and the concern about quality which normally results in wasted furniture. For starters, by recycling and reselling used furniture, we play a significant role in reducing commercial waste. This reduction of waste allows countless tons of natural resources to be used for our advancement as a race. Call it a bit idealistic, but we look at it as our own small contribution to improve not only our customers’ quality of life but also ensure that we are taking the best care of what we have for our children and those that follow.

      That being said, when you shop Integrity Wholesale Furniture you can shop with a clean conscience, knowing that you are doing what you can to decrease your carbon footprint in the Cleveland area, Indianapolis, Columbus, Cincinnati, Detroit, Pittsburgh. The other huge benefit of shopping with is us that you can eliminate that fear of potential wear and tear in knowing exactly what condition the furniture you’re buying is in and know that it has been thoroughly inspected by professionals that know what to look for. After all, most people who need to acquire office furniture are first time buyers, and don’t know what to look for to find defects. It’s a service, but instead of costing you more, it saves you money and you end up paying far less than you would have in the first place.

      For a clean conscience, a lined wallet, and some excellent used office furniture, come to Integrity Wholesale Furniture!