Get used Office Files for less in Detroit.



Are you looking for new filing systems to keep your important or sensitive information safe and secure? At Integrity Wholesale Furniture, we carry used Files by all of the leading brands at small fractions of the cost of buying new. For decades we have helped local Detroit, Michigan businesses save money AND also help the environment by reducing corporate waste. This can help your community, as well as help you to attain tax deductions for staying green.

One of our top models for used files is this GF 5 drawer Lateral Files. These lateral files are wide, and designed to accommodate a huge range of information. Not only are these files a great resource for space, but they provide even more exceptional utility for organization. Keeping with our promise to our customers, we are sure that these are practically as good as new. As with many office furniture products, the ratio of steel to other materials is a strong indicator of the quality of the product. These files, as it were, are virtually all steel.

If you’re looking for a slightly different configuration for your files, we have more vertical ones like this Fire King Fire Files. Models like these are more opportune for workplaces that do not have a lot of dedicated room for files. This simply allows you to incorporate storage as a part of your worker’s personal space.

We also offer a host of other services, all aimed at pleasing you and providing you with what you need. Is your business moving? We have a top rated moving service that color codes, makes manifests, and arranges logistics so that you have everything you need at the new location, when you need to have it. Another great service is our office planning assessment. With this service, we take the blueprint, CAD files, or other resource to determine the best possible layout with furniture you have or plan to get. This works really nicely for businesses that are just about to move in to a new building, or who are looking at getting the most out of the space they already have.

In conclusion, we look forward to talking to you and hearing about how we can meet the needs of your business. As always, we make it our mission to ensure that all of our customers in the Detroit, Michigan area have all of their office furniture needs met, including used office files.

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