Learn how to find the best office seating for your Cincinnati business.



There are hundreds of different kinds of office chairs, and when you take into consideration all of the different models and brands, it can be completely overwhelming. To most people, most office chairs just look the same. Give all the options, how do you know which chairs are right for your office?

There’s certainly an argument out there that office chairs are the singularly most important furniture element in your office. Your employees are making consistent physical contact to them all day long, and it can have a drastic effect on their moods. A chair that is well made and well-suited to your employees’ body types can reduce aches and pain.  Productivity can be maximized without these kinds of painful physical distractions. You can tell a chair is the right fit (or at least adjusted correctly) by these simple steps. First of all, the right chair for you can be adjusted so that your feet are flat with your thighs parallel to the floor. The armrests should allow you to rest your arms comfortably, without straining your shoulders. This proper posture relives tension that accumulates throughout your neck and back during the work day. The other essential aspect of the ideal office chair offers a larger degree of lumbar support, given that your employee is sitting all the way back in the seat, as they are supposed to.

Obviously, you can have the best chair in the world, but if your employee isn’t sitting in it correctly, it’s purpose is essentially negated. Various features are incorporated on many different chairs to make them as accessible as possible, such as having a lumbar support to make sure the right amount of pressure is applied to your lower back. Tilt lock allows you to set your chair in a task-intensive position.

Materials used on a task chair can also affect how comfortable a chair is. Lighter materials, like mesh weave can allow more circulation in hotter climates because airflow can be promoted throughout the body. Also, if a seat’s back allows you to sink into it, it’s actually hurting your back in the long run. There is a fine balance between comfortable and being too soft. An Integrity Wholesale sales consultant would be more than apt to help you find the best options for used office seating for your department.

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