Learn how Used Office Furniture can be Better Than New



The main reason most people spend so much money on new office furniture is because they don’t know the value of used office furniture.  There are a plenty of factors that you should consider before wasting the big bucks on new office furniture.


The most obvious difference you will see between new and used is pricing. Similarly to the way the value of a car immediately goes down when you drive it of the lot, office furniture’s value depletes the second it is installed. When you get down to it, buying new office furniture is usually steeply expensive. Used office furniture, conversely, comes at a much lower cost, even if it’s practically new. It’s best to buy “like-new” pre-owned office furniture, because you get the best product for your money, and you also have as much of the value intact as you possibly can.


We’re basically indoctrinated by our culture to think that new is better, however sometimes there are exceptions. For example, you can purchase better quality used office furniture that is often good as new for less than new furniture of lower caliber, like this Knoll Equity 6×8 in Columbus. Think of it like buying a used BMW instead of a new Ford Fiesta. It’s sort of a no-brainer. If you spent all that money on a new cubicle, you could easily end up with something vastly inferior to what you could have had.

Green Advantage

By buying used, you also get to contribute to a healthier environment, and most sustainable business practices. You reduce your company’s carbon footprint, and you prevent further use of raw materials and the waste of energy in creating new furniture. You can learn more about being green here.

Just remember, next time you’re looking for furniture for your office, think about what you just read and buy used. It’s a much better cause, will save you money, and you’ll get something better for it. Remember Integrity Wholesale Furniture for your next office furniture purchase!

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