Knoll Cubicles

Knoll has been providing great cubicle options for years. The oldest and most proven system is Knoll Morrison and it is still be produced today. Simple monolithic panels with a variety of storage options to meet the needs of any office. Next is Knoll Currents, it Service Wall helps business manage date, phone and power by accessing these at the base or at desk height. You can integrate almost any of their other systems with this Service Wall. The most common application is using Morrison panels “off-modular” to create different size cubicles. Knoll Dividends and Knoll Reff and Knoll AutoStrada are not as popular as the first two but each provide a unique spot in the cubicle industry. Looking the add to your existing Knoll? Looking for Remanufactured Knoll? give us a call, 440-967-7718

Knoll Morrison 6×6 Cubicles

Knoll Morrison 6x6 cubicles with 64" high panels. BBF and FF pedestals under worksurfaces and 6' of overhead Reuter style overheads. L-shaped,...More