Office Furniture Brands

Office Furniture Manufacturers: Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Knoll, Allsteel, Teknion and more… Integrity Wholesale Furniture has been purchasing furniture from companies that are moving or downsizing for over 15 years. This furniture is brought to our Columbus and Cleveland Ohio warehouse. Come visit our showroom and see samples of cubicles from every manufacturer, one place to compare dozens of cubicles. Set an appointment by calling 440-967-7718

Herman Miller Canvas 8×6

Herman Miller Canvas 8×6 cubicles and U-shaped manager stations with bullet tables. 56″ high panels. Worksurface configuration consisting of a...More


Steelcase Answer 6×6 cubicles

Used Steelcase Answer cubicles with 42" high panels. 24x48 corner with 24x24 return worksurfaces. BBF and FF locking pedestals. Power down center...More


Haworth Unigroup 6×6

Cubicle panel height is primarily 53" high with some 64" high panels with frosted glass. 24x36 corner with 24x36 return worksurfaces. BBF and FF...More


Steelcase Enhanced 9000 90×70

Steelcase Enhanced 9000 90x70 (7.5x6) cubicles with 64" high panels on the spine and first panel off, step-down to 54" high with 24x54 wing panel....More


Tiles by Foundry Office

Herman Miller Ethospace compatible tile system. Available in a nearly every size, height and color. Looking for a used tile system but can't find...More


Knoll Morrison 6×6 Cubicles

Knoll Morrison 6x6 cubicles with 64" high panels. BBF and FF pedestals under worksurfaces and 6' of overhead Reuter style overheads. L-shaped,...More


Herman Miller Resolve 6 x 6

These Herman Miller Resolve 6 x 6 units are an exceptional value for any office. The 83" boomerang work surface allows you ample room to work. Every...More


Herman Miller A02

Herman Miller A02 6 x 8 High panels, Overhead Bin, Box/box/file, File/file and paper mgmt. Rated a solid 8.5 Sold in 8...More


Used Allsteel cubicles

Allsteel 6x6 and 8x6 cubicles. some are 64" high and some are 54" high. Can also be configured into 64" high step-down to 54" high. Most stations...More