Steelcase 9000 6×8 cublicles

Make: Steelcase 9000
Size: 6x8
Quantity: 36
Quick Ship: Yes
Phone: 440.967.7718 or 440.683.4385


Steelcase 9000 cubicles with 65″ high panels. Stations are 6×8 and were previously remanufactured with new paint, new fabric and new laminate. Steelcase 9000 worksurfaces with curvilinear worksurfaces with generic pedestals. Wing panel has tiles and glass. 16 of the stations have 65″ high panels and 20 are 65″ high with a 75″ high spine. BBF and FF pedestals, 70″ overhead metal binder bin. Good as-is condition. Power down the spine with base-in power feeds.

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