Herman Miller

Lunch Room Tables and Chairs

Herman Miller 48" round lunch room tables with Herman Miller Caper chairs. Caper chairs have 4 legs with casters. Good as-is condition, located in...More


Herman Miller Resolve 6 x 6

These Herman Miller Resolve 6 x 6 units are an exceptional value for any office. The 83" boomerang work surface allows you ample room to work. Every...More


Herman Miller A02

Herman Miller A02 6 x 8 High panels, Overhead Bin, Box/box/file, File/file and paper mgmt. Rated a solid 8.5 Sold in 8...More


Used Allsteel cubicles

Allsteel 6x6 and 8x6 cubicles. some are 64" high and some are 54" high. Can also be configured into 64" high step-down to 54" high. Most stations...More


Herman Miller Training Tables

Herman Miller Training Tables, 24x60, very good as-is condition. Available in Cleveland, Ohio. Herman Miller Reaction chairs available in gray,...More


Herman Miller Resolve

Herman Miller Resolve cubicles. most stations have mid-height screens, some have taller division. Each station has a single boomer-rang top and...More


Herman Miller 54 high 6×6

(100) Herman Miller 54" high 6x6 cubicles and 67" high matching 6x8 cubicles, can also make 6x6 and 6x8 high low. 24x48 corner with 24x24 returns,...More