Used and Refurbished Office Furniture, Cubicles, Desks, Tables, Upper Arlington, OH



Are you looking for used and refurbished office furniture, cubicles, desks or tables in the upper Arlington Ohio area?  If so, Integrity wholesale can help you out with a variety of used and refurbished furnishings that can make any office environment ideal for your everyday office use.

Office desks are a must in every office environment to help with organizing  and managing with your business. Integrity wholesale can save you money with used and refurbished office desks. We have a wide variety desks that come in many shapes, colors and sizes. Some office desks come with a two drawer lateral files and or some come with bookcases, which ever fits your needs. Integrity wholesale has many types of used and refurbished office furnishing that fit every type of office, big or small.

It is very important that you choose the right desk that will fit your everyday needs. At Integrity Wholesale, we can help with that. We have many different options that you can choose from that will make your workstation more organized and easier to work from. Integrity wholesale carries office desk, starting at your standard office desk or something  more complex. Some examples of our used and refurbished office desks are:

A private office desk set which includes a laminate u-shaped with bullet table desk that is 6 by 9 in size. We have many different sizes with an optional overhead hutch with task light and tack board. We also have optional two door laterals or four door laterals that will help with easy storage.

Another of the used and refurbished office desk that we have at Integrity wholesale is a private office desk set. This office desk is L-shaped with a dimension of 30 inches by 72 inches or 30 inches  by 66 inches with a return desk with a dimension of either 24 by 42 or 24 by 48. Our laminate office desk comes in cherry, mahogany or maple with optional bookcases and or with two or four door lateral files.

Why spend the extra money on brand new office furniture? Integrity wholesale has the exact office furnishings that can make any office look like you spent high dollars at a very affordable price.  So if you are looking to replace or even add furnishings to your office buildings integrity wholesale can help you with your everyday needs. If you are in or around the Columbus Ohio area, let Integrity wholesale help you find used and refurbished office furniture, cubicles, desks and tables.


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