used General Fireproofing 8×5 cubicle

Make: General Fireproofing
Size: 5×5, 5.5×5.5, 8×8, 7×7, 8×5, 8×5.5
Quantity: Over 250
Quick Ship: Yes
Phone: 4409677718


These GF cubicles are 66” high and we have them stocked in a number of different configurations. These are: 5×5, 5.5×5.5, 8×8, 7×7, 8×5, and 8×5.5. Each station has the following features: two overhead shelves, a task light, as well as a locking pedestal. We also have some mobile BBF and FF pedestals available. Each of these stations (over 250 available) includes a base-in power feed. Product is 9/10 as-in condition, and ready to be shipped.

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