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Are you looking for high quality Haworth cubicles that you can install in your work area? If so, you can find a variety of products at Integrity Wholesale Furniture in the Cleveland, OH area. At Integrity Wholesale Furniture, we specialize in buying used office furniture from companies across the country and then refurbishing and bringing it back to “like new” condition so we can sell it to other companies that are on a stricter budget. Our prices are the most affordable in the area but that doesn’t mean that we sacrifice quality. In fact, our products go through a rigorous test for quality before we put them on our showroom floor or in our online inventory. As a result, you can have complete confidence in everything that we sell.

One of the reasons that the Haworth name is so well known in the office furniture industry is because the company began on a platform of hard work and quality that has continued through the history of the brand. In fact, Haworth began as a small company in the parent’s garage of the company’s creator as well as a loan from his parents. Through hard work and dedication, Haworth got a major contract with one of the main automobile manufacturers in the nation within just a few short years. From there, the company continued to concentrate on quality and innovation which is why it is still in the business of designing and manufacturing cubicles and other products for the modern office nearly 100 years later.

The Haworth Unigroup is one of the main product lines of cubicles offered by this brand and there are several of them available on our showroom floor and in our warehouse at Integrity Wholesale Furniture. The Unigroup series of cubicles are 5×5 workstations with panels that stand 42 inches high. The corner work surface in these used Haworth cubicles measures 36 inches by 24 inches and there are two return work surfaces that measure 24 inches by 24 inches. There is also a BBF pedestal for storing those important files and documents and the power along the spine makes it easy and convenient for plugging things in when you need them. The feather gray fabric is ideal for most office interiors and it will give your work area a professional appearance.

Another great Haworth product is the line of Premise used cubicles that you can find at Integrity Wholesale Furniture. The Premise line of used cubicles includes 6×6 cubicles and they stand about 48 inches tall. They are designed for two staff members to work with each other as there is ample work surface for large projects, including a large open shelf, power along the spine and more features that make the work day much easier for your team.

When you purchase your used office cubicles from the professionals at Integrity Wholesale Furniture, we can take care of everything from planning your office space to installing your furniture. Are you worried about how long you will have to shut down your office when you are having your used office furniture installed? In most cases, our crews can be in and out on the same day so you don’t have to worry about a long disruption in your normal work day. We may even be able to work around your schedule so we can install the furniture during evening hours and have everything set up for the next work day. How much more convenient can it be? Contact us at Integrity Wholesale Furniture in the greater Cleveland area for all of your used office furniture needs at the most affordable prices around.


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