Used Steelcase Answer Cubicles Cincinatti – Get the most back



Are you searching for a great company to work with for all of your used office furniture needs in Ohio? If so, Integrity Wholesale Furniture is the company for you to contact. At Integrity Wholesale Furniture, you will find the best prices for the used office furniture that you want to buy from us and we also give you the best prices when you sell your old office furniture to us.

One of the used Steelcase lines of cubicles that you will find in the showroom at Integrity Wholesale Furniture is the Avenir. These are cubicles that are specifically designed with the telemarketer in mind because they are small and compact. The used Steelcase Avenir cubicles have a work surface that measures about 24 inches by 48 inches along with a file cabinet that can be used for storing anything that can get in the way of the daily tasks.

Another great line of used Steelcase cubicles that you will find at Integrity Wholesale Furniture is the Answer line. This line of used office cubicles are 6×8 cubicles and they have panels that stand 66 inches high. There are several of these available so you can get as many as you need to furnish your entire office or just a couple if you have a small business or if you just need a couple replacements for your current ones. There is a work surface in these used office cubicles that measures 24 inches by 48 inches and there are also two returns. One of them measures 24 inches by 24 inches and the other measures 24 inches by 48 inches so there is plenty of space for working on those large projects and tasks for the most important clients.

In addition to that, there is a BBF which locks so staff members can secure the important documents and there is also a 36 inch lateral file. A binder is also included and it measures 48 inches by 24 inches and it has a task light mounted on the underside of the binder for added convenience. At Integrity Wholesale Furniture, you can purchase these used Steelcase Answer cubicles and workstations in packs of eight so you can save a lot of time and hassle.

One of the other great things about shopping with Integrity Wholesale Furniture in the Cincinnati, OH is that we will purchase your office furniture from you when you no long have a need for it. Many business owners like to upgrade their office furniture every few years to give their office area a new look. If this sounds like you, we can buy back the office furniture that you have in your work space now and offer you top dollar for it. We have purchased used office furnishings from companies across the country and then we refurbish it and make it look like brand new once again. We then offer those pieces in our showroom at some of the biggest discounts around.

In addition to that, our crews are experienced when it comes to uninstalling and hauling away your furniture. Instead of you worrying about getting your used office furniture disassembled, we can do that for you and it doesn’t affect the amount of the estimate that we give you. Our disassembling services and haul away services are free of charge and we do it quickly and efficiently so you can get your staff back to work as soon as possible. In some cases, we can even do it on the weekend so we don’t interrupt your everyday work. Contact the professionals at Integrity Wholesale Furniture to find out what we can do for your company and your staff.


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