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Steelcase is one of the main leaders in the office furniture industry and you can find a variety of products that carry this respected brand name at Integrity Wholesale Furniture. One of the most popular items in our showroom is the Steelcase Answer line of cubicles which are ideal for many of today’s office work areas.

If you want your staff members to have a high degree of privacy throughout their work day, the Steelcase Answer 6×8 used cubicles are ideal for you. These cubicles have panels that stand over 5 feet high and plenty of work surface area for projects of any size. The corner work surface in these used cubicles measures about 24 inches by 48 inches and one of the return work surfaces has the same measurement of space. There is a second work surface that measures 24 inches by 24 inches and there is a locking file pedestal also included for storing away those important papers and documents. Also included with these used Steelcase Answer is an overhead bin and a task light which both offer added convenience for your staff member working on those important projects for high paying accounts.

By calling Integrity Wholesale Furniture in Ohio, you are putting our experience to work for you. Our staff members have decades of combined experience in working with office managers and business owners to help them make the best purchasing decisions possible. We don’t want you to make the mistakes that other office managers make when choosing used office furniture. One of the common mistakes is that they choose trendy items instead of choosing a traditional and timeless style. Unfortunately, when a business owner chooses trendy over timeless, they have to replace their office furniture in a matter of a few years or otherwise their office looks outdated when clients and customers come through. Our representatives will help you find the refurbished office furniture that simply won’t go out of style so you can keep it for a couple years or even a couple decades and still have a great look for your work area when visitors and clients come walking through.

When purchasing used office furniture, you should also consider future growth for your company. Whether your company has been in business for several years or if you are just starting out, there is always a good chance that your company will grow. We can help you choose office furnishings that will adapt to future technology so you don’t have to replace your desks or cubicles when there are major advancements in technology in the next couple years, such as video conferencing and other possibilities. Our expert staff members can also help you choose used office furnishings that are flexible so you can use them for more than just one purpose. This can help you stay within your purchasing budget. We have many used office tables and desks, for instance, that are on wheels so you can easily move them around when you want to reconfigure your office for a better flow or just to change the look of the work area.

When you work with the staff at Integrity Wholesale Furniture, we are dedicated to helping you with your purchase every step of the way. We don’t use high pressure sales techniques or try to max out your budget. We want to help you save money and there are many ways that we can do that. But you have to contact our representatives at Integrity Wholesale Furniture in Ohio to find out how we can do that for you. Browse our inventory online before calling to see all of the options that we have available to you.


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