Used Allsteel Concensys 6×6 Cubicles

Make: Allsteel
Size: 8x6
Quantity: 70
Quick Ship: Yes
Phone: 4409677718


These Concensys 6×6 L-Shape cubicles offer plenty of room for offices that need a wide berth for desk space. Spine consists of two 30 inch wide panels, along with one 36 inch panel. The wings are two 36 inch wide panels. The 69 inch high cubicles offer lots of privacy and noise cancellation, which are both factors in your employees being able to work comfortably and effectively. Every station features a 30×72 inch work surface, as well as a 24×66 inch worksurface. Also included are two pedstals, and an articulated keyboard. Most have two closed overhead bins, as well as an open shelf.

These are very good as-is condition.

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