We have the best deals for Cincinnati, Ohio business on used Haworth furniture.



Here at Integrity Wholesale, we have a whole fleet of top quality used Haworth furniture ready for purchase for your Cincinnati, Ohio business.  We readily work to make sure that our sprawling warehouses have all of the best used furniture in the business, which we thoroughly inspect before we acquire.  You have our pledge that all of our inventory will be represented faithfully.  That’s why we have been the number one used office furniture provider in the greater Cincinnati area for the past two decades.


If what brought you to us was excellent used Haworth chairs, take a look at some of our Haworth Improv task chairs.  The ones we have pictured here are a pastel salmon color, which is sure to add a touch of gentle warmth to the office.  These are standard configuration with all of the normal adjustments, as well as an “arms-free” setup, which allows more movement for your employees.


Looking for file cabinets?  Take a look at our incredible used Haworth files.  This Haworth 5 drawer file is 36 inches across, which is an industry standard.  At 5 drawers high, this allows you to consolidate quite a lot of space that all of those papers and folders normally take up.


We also offer a host of other services as well to complement our main used furniture offerings as well as our buyback service.  Our buy-back service is meant to give businesses competitive compensation for doing the noble thing buy giving your furniture a second life after you, and saving it from just entering a landfill.


There’s a lot more than our used office furniture buy-back too!  We offer space planning service so you can make the most of your office.  We can come by your office, or look at your AutoCAD files or blueprints… Whatever is most convenient for your purposes.  With space planning, we can look at all of those assorted pieces of office furniture, including cubicles, and find out the way to arrange it can save you a LOT of space, and decongest the office.


As always, we deeply appreciate your time to look at our products and services. We appreciate our relationships with our customers, and we’ve come to look forward to seeing them come back year after year.


Come check out our website or give us a call to find out how we can help you today!  While we try to represent some of our inventories, like our used Haworth furniture, you can find out exactly what we have by getting in touch with us.

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