Winter Blues lingering in your office? Let us illuminate the solution for your Cleveland Business.



The lingering cold from last winter has plenty of workers in the Cleveland area stuck with the winter blues, even into the early spring. Aside from learning how to change seasons faster yourself (quite a feat—if your figure this out, let us know your secret), you need to do the best you can to help your employees cope with the persistent cold.

Light exposure is a huge factor in Seasonal affective disorder, according to research conducted by Villanova University. Most of the time, when people are figuring out the layout of their office, they aren’t thinking about what configuration allows for the most light. By re-arranging your office to allow maximum natural light exposure to all cubicles, your employees will have reduced risk of being affected by light deprivation, which basically inhibits the production of vitamin D.   This can reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace and make your employees more efficient. Even though the effects of winter should be subsiding soon, it’s never too soon to consider what arrangement for your office is best for all seasons.

Another great way of keeping energy and attitudes up in your office is by choosing quality office furniture, like these used Herman Miller My Studio 8×8 cubicles. Cubicles like these offer a brighter aesthetic. You’ll notice the glass-like panes which allow more light (including, of course, natural light) to pass through, which creates a more illuminated office. It also means that a soft balance is created between supervision and privacy.

At Integrity Wholesale Furniture, we work hard to make sure that Ohio businesses have access to name brand, high quality furniture for a fraction of the cost. Due to the nature of the used office furniture business, our stocks are always changing, so even if you don’t see something specific that appeals to you, give us a call and we will work to ensure you have a solution that works for your Cleveland Office.

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