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When searching for awesome deals on used Haworth cubicles in the Cincinnati area, Integrity Wholesale Furniture should be your first and only stop. We have a full selection of used Haworth cubicles that have been refurbished and reconditioned so you can get a great deal on furnishings that look brand new without paying that brand new price.

One of the high quality cubicle lines from Haworth that you will find at Integrity Wholesale Furniture is the Unigroup product. These 5×5 cubicles stand 42 inches tall so they offer some privacy to your employees without shutting them out from the rest of the office area. You will find dozens of these used cubicles that you can furnish your office with or simply choose a few if that suits your needs better. Each of these used Haworth workstations include a corner work surface that measures 36 inches by 24 inches and two returns, each of which measure 24 inches by 24 inches. There is also a pedestal included with these refurbished workstations which measures 24 inches across for optimal storage of those important documents, files and other essentials. The spines on these Haworth cubicles are also powered and there is a communication pole included with each set of 8 cubicles.

Another popular option from Haworth at Integrity Wholesale Furniture is the Premise line of used cubicles. These 6×6 cubicles have panels that measure 48 inches high and you can purchase as many or as few as you need to complete your office work space. The work surfaces on these used Haworth cubicles include one corner which measures 48 inches by 30 inches along with two returns that both measure 24 inches by 30 inches respectively. There is also a 30 inch pedestal included along with a 30 inch open shelf and a powered spine for easily plugging things in. Each of these workstations are duplex workstations which means that there are actually two cubicles in one so two employees can work side by side. This is ideal for those daily projects that require collaboration or if you simply want to save space in your office area.

When you choose Integrity Wholesale Furniture as your used and refurbished office furniture dealer, you are getting a full service furniture dealer with all of the experience you need for a smooth and hassle free purchase. We have specialists who can help you plan your office space so you aren’t buying too much furniture and we will even deliver the furniture to you and install it.

One of the best things that we do for our clients is that we offer to buy your used, outdated and dilapidated office furniture and get it out of your way. Are you planning to downsize your office and consolidate to create a more open space? Do you plan to close down your business in the near future? Or do you just want to get rid of your current furniture and give your office a new appearance? We can help with that. We’ll come to your office and give you an estimate on the furniture that you don’t want and we can pay you for it, too. But it doesn’t end there. In many cases, we can even haul away the furniture on the same day so it doesn’t have to clutter up your office any longer. Simply contact our used office furniture representatives at Integrity Wholesale Furniture to see what we can do for you. Our professional crews will haul it all away as quickly as possible and we can install the furniture you buy from us right away, too. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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