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If you’re thinking of buying used office cubicles in the Cincinnati area, you may be unsure of the quality and guarantee that they will get with your purchase. But fortunately, when you shop at Integrity Wholesale Furniture in the Cincinnati VA area, you can get the highest quality used office furniture at the most affordable price. And you can be assured of the quality because of the brands that we carry, including Hon, Allsteel, Haworth and more.


One of the more popular lines of used office cubicles that you will find in our inventory at Integrity Wholesale Furniture is the Herman Miller 6×6 cubicles. These spacious work stations have panels that stand 48 inches high so there is a level of privacy for the employees working within these cubicles while still being able to communicate with the other employees throughout the office. These used office work stations have a corner that measures 48 inches by 30 inches for a large area of work surface along with two returns, each of which measure 24 inches by 30 inches. There is also filing storage unit that measures 30 inches wide. There are two duplexes in each of these used HM work stations along with an open shelf, powered spines and more. The white work surfaces with charcoal trim give these used cubicles a classic and traditional look that any office manager can appreciate.


The Herman Miller AO2 used cubicles are also available for purchase at unbelievable discounts at Integrity Wholesale Furniture in the Cincinnati area. These 5.5 x 5 cubicles have panels that stand nearly five feet tall for added privacy. The extended work surface measures 24x42x60x24 and the spine has power capabilities which makes it easy to plug things in without having to search for an outlet. There is also a mobile file pedestal included with these used Herman cubicles and workstations and each drawer can be locked individually. There are several packs available in our inventory so you can find the ideal number of used Herman Miller cubicles to fit the needs of your office area.


A third option for used Herman Miller cubicles available at Integrity Wholesale Furniture is the HM Ethospace 120 Degree cubicles. These have a serpentine configuration which makes them ideal for telemarketing businesses across the country. There is a small divider between each individual workstation and ample space for conducting phone calls, taking notes and doing the necessary things during a workday in the telemarketing industry. There is also a BBF pedestal included with each workstation for storing papers, materials and more to keep the work surface clear of any clutter. These used Herman Miller workstations are in good condition and the color of the entire stations are neutral so they will fit in your office perfectly.


When you purchase used office cubicles from Integrity Wholesale Furniture, you are getting more than just the cubicles and office furniture that you purchase. You get a company  with expert installers and crews that will bring those cubicles to your business and install them for you for a small and affordable fee. We want to make the entire transaction as easy and hassle free as possible to you so we do what we can to make that happen. You can simply shop our inventory online or in person and then tell us what you want. It really doesn’t get much easier than that! Contact the professional used office furniture representatives at Integrity Wholesale Furniture today to find out what we can do for you. We are waiting for your call so we can help you.



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