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Are you a business owner in the Cleveland, Ohio area? If so, you can get all of the used office furniture that you need at Integrity Wholesale Furniture. We provide a variety of services for business owners, from buying their old used office furniture to providing a wide selection of used office furniture that has been refurbished. Our affordable prices on these refurbished pieces of office furniture is just one of the reasons we have a full list of satisfied customers.

If you are going to have an organized and efficient office, one of the essentials that you need to remember is a filing system. Buying used filing cabinets at affordable prices at Integrity Wholesale Furniture is a great way to add a sense of organization to your office because you can store away those papers and documents that are cluttering up your office space and work surfaces. One of the more popular lines of used filing cabinets that you will find at Integrity Wholesale Furniture is the Steelcase 900 Series line of filing cabinets. This line of filing cabinets by one of the leaders in the office furniture industry is a great way for your office to stay organized without spending a lot of money on new filing cabinets. These file drawers in the Steelcase 900 Series have a depth of about 18 inches and you can choose from styles that measure either 30 inches, 36 inches or 42 inches wide. You can also choose from a variety of heights ranging from 28 inches to 65 inches depending on the number of drawers that you will need.

One of the popular options included with these used filing cabinets is the lift up doors on the drawers and roll out shelves. This makes it easy and convenient to search for the documents and papers that you need. You don’t have to stick your head halfway into the drawer to look for something. Instead, simply roll out the shelf and search for the documents you need right there. Each drawer interior also has one hanging folder bar for added organizational benefits. Also, the Steelcase 900 Series has counterweights built in so you don’t have to worry about rolling out the top drawer and having the entire unit tilt over.

When deciding on a used filing cabinet to put into your office, quality is important. Your filing cabinets are probably going to be used a lot by your employees and your management team. People are always looking for files throughout the work day so you want to be sure the used filing cabinets that you purchase are of good quality. A good sign that you are getting quality filing cabinets is that they drawers slide out smoothly and it has proper counterweights. You should also look for filing cabinets that are made from fire resistant materials so in the unfortunate case of a fire in your office, your clients’ files are still intact. You can get high quality used filing cabinets at Integrity Wholesale Furniture at low prices so you don’t have to overspend on these products to keep your office organized.

Another thing to remember when you purchase used office filing cabinets is to put them in a good location in your work area. You should keep your filing cabinets in an area of your office where you can get to them quickly and easily. If it’s going to take a great deal of effort on your part to get to your files, you are going to be less likely to file away those papers that accumulate on your desk and you are going to decrease the productivity of your overall office. Of course, you can have two different filing locations. If you have a filing cabinet full of documents for the sake of archiving them, you can put the cabinet in a remote area of your work area. But if you have a filing cabinet for documents that are used on a day to day basis, that should be kept nearby.

Finally, a label maker can help you stay organized. Labeling the drawers and the files inside your used filing cabinets helps you and your employees find what you need quickly. And in order to maintain a high level of productivity, this is an essential element for any work area.

When you shop at Integrity Wholesale Furniture, you can find everything from used office chairs to used filing cabinets and everything in between. We go around the country and purchase used office furniture from companies that are trying to get rid of some of their furniture without throwing it out to the landfill. As a result, we pick these pieces up and then give them new life before putting them in our inventory. Shop for used filing cabinets in our inventory and get organized today!

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