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Are you currently on the hunt for top of the line used office chairs for your Cleveland, Ohio area business?  Or maybe you’re looking to replace your old cubicles with some durable, quality used office cubicles made by industry standard companies?  Integrity Wholesale Furniture has all that and more when it comes to fulfilling the needs of growing and established businesses like yours.
Currently we have multiple styles of office chairs and cubicles from Herman Miller!  If you’re at all familiar with highly regarded brands of office furniture, you know this name and the great reputation for producing quality produces with environmental responsibility that goes with it.  Two such wonderful Herman Miller products in stock are Herman Miller Mirra office chairs, and Herman Miller telemarketing cubicles. 
A little bit about the Herman Miller Mirra – this chair is top notch when it comes to comfort.  It was designed to mirror – or ‘mirra’ – the individual shape of the user’s body.  The frameless polymer TriFlex backrest is pierced with 567 geometric holes that function to promote air flow and offer flexible support for anyone!  The seat is specifically designed to evenly distribute weight and pressure, for the ultimate comfort – and can to manually customize the seat depth, making it feel like it was built just for you!
As always, this Herman Miller office chair was produced through environmentally conscious methods.  What’s more, it continues to be a great choice for the business concerned about being ‘green’ because even after it’s served you well for many, many years, it can even be recycled.
The Herman Miller Mirra chair has a modern, slender design.  Available in a variety of appealing and attention grabbing colors such as lime green and terracotta, this chair is a great way to invigorate an office space with a little liveliness and color!
The Herman Miller telemarketing cubicles we currently have in our inventory are simple and space efficient, measuring 2’x4’ and 54” high.  A 24”x48” work surface allows sufficient space for the general day to day needs of your employees – ample room for computers and other office equipment as needed, but still compact and straightforward.
These cubicles are not incredibly high or especially closed off from each other, but have no doubts about it – cloth-covered, sound absorbent sides help contribute to noise cancellation, which is definitely an important plus.  There’s nothing like trying to focus on the task at hand with the general din of the office buzzing about.
The Herman Miller telemarketing cubicles are nice and simple for when you don’t need all the bells and whistles, so these don’t come with BBF or BFF pedestals themselves.  However if additional storage space was required we do have some in our inventory that would be a great fit.
Whenever you’re looking for used office furniture in your neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio, your first and last stop should be Integrity Wholesale Furniture – we’ll find you a stylish, practical, durable solution to all of your office needs—like our used office chairs—and save you money to boot.

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