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Looking for a company in the Columbus, OH area to buyback your used Herman Miller cubicles? At Integrity Wholesale Furniture, our representatives can do that for you and so much more. We have a fully stocked warehouse comprised of used cubicles and other used office furniture that we bring back to life and then resell them to our clients at hugely discounted prices.

One of the things that you will appreciate about working with Integrity Wholesale Furniture in the Columbus area is our pickup services. We have several years of experience in picking up used office furniture from companies across the country and we are one of the fastest and most efficient furniture dealers in the nation. When you call us to come out and pick up your used Herman Miller cubicles, we bring our trucks and crews with us. We will estimate how much we can offer for your cubicles and other used office furniture and we can often pay you on the same day. We then start hauling it all away. And since we have years of experience in uninstalling cubicles and used office furnishings, we get it done quickly so you can get back to your office work as soon as possible.

Our crews of furniture uninstallers won’t disturb your office setting. When we are done hauling your furniture away, we don’t leave a mess or anything that will disrupt your daily tasks and projects. And if you have purchased used office furniture from Integrity Wholesale Furniture, we can also bring your furniture on the same day so we can install everything once we clear everything out so you don’t have to worry about going without cubicles, desks and other things any longer than you need to.

At Integrity Wholesale Furniture, you will find a wide selection of used Herman Miller office cubicles that your employees will enjoy because they have ample work surfaces and large spaces so they won’t feel confined. One of the products you will find is the Herman Miller 5×5 AO2 cubicles. These cubicles have panels that stand 62 inches high, which is just a couple inches higher than five feet. There is a corner work surface which measures 24 inches by 30 inches and two return work surfaces that each measure 24 inches by 30 inches for ample work space for most daily projects and tasks. There is also a 30 inch shelf which is ideal for storing things to keep them from cluttering up the work area. Another great thing about these used Herman Miller cubicles is that they have a powered spine. Do you ever have problems trying to find enough outlets for your employees to plug in their essentials? Do the cords seem to clutter up the work area and create a safety hazard along the floor? With a powered spine, employees can plug everything in within their own cubicle so you don’t have to worry about those stray cords along the floor and creating a potential situation for people tripping over them

At Integrity Wholesale Furniture,  you simply can’t go wrong. We have decades of combined experience in the used office furniture industry and we have a huge list of satisfied clients and customers that appreciate the services and the products that we provide. We have been serving the greater Columbus OH area for many years and we want to continue our track record of 100 percent customer satisfaction so you can come to us with complete confidence when you are looking for a place to buy used office furniture or when you are looking for a dealer to purchase your used office furnishings from you.


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