Buying pre-owned office furniture makes sense financially and ecologically.



There are two primary elements that you want to consider when purchasing office furniture for your Cincinnati office. For starters, you want furniture for your office that highlights the style you want to demonstrate that will last for years. Secondly, you don’t want to pay full ticket price for furniture from top brands. Thirdly, your business values eco-friendly, green products. What most businesses don’t realize is that you CAN have all three.


Integrity Wholesale furniture is an Ohio-based business that deals primarily in used office furniture, making sure that all of these goals are met. In most cases, expenses that move your business in a green direction tend to be more expensive. Used office furniture is one area in which you can actually SAVE money while working towards these goals.


Integrity Wholesale’s business works in a two-step process. First, we liquidate the office furniture of businesses throughout the US. We then take that furniture, utilizing our strong relationships with our couriers, and match it up with businesses that are looking for specific products.


We provide every detail you need to make decisions on your purchase… we offer pictures and detailed descriptions so you know exactly what you’re buying before you see it in person. We also offer for our customers to visit the furniture before they buy it, if they so desire.


Beyond this, we offer a number of other solutions that make you life easier. Planning, design, and installation are all services that take the hassle off of your hands. We can also cater to specific needs, like particular sizes or colors of cubicles or other pieces of office furniture.


Our customers get recycled furniture for a dramatically lowered cost that can meet their needs more directly and help them work toward eco-friendly goals, whether they are to achieve green tax incentives or just to keep more perfectly good products from entering the waste stream.

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