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Thanks for “tuning in” to our weekly Liquidation and Buying Guide blog! At Integrity Wholesale Furniture, we pride ourselves on supporting our customers in the Cleveland area before, during, and after we make a sale or perform a service. This article is geared towards helping your business make the moves it needs to in order to get your office furniture liquidation project off the ground as soon as you need to, as well as showing you a couple of the used office furniture items we have in stock in order to give you an idea of what you can upgrade or replace your old stuff with.


If you haven’t used our office liquidation service before, we want you to know that our trained professionals work at a fast clip and are extremely reliable, so we can give you an accurate time frame as soon as we commit to your project. There are a bunch of factors to consider when we’re looking at the time frame we will need to complete your liquidation project. The two main factors we will be looking at are accessibility and scope.


The accessibility of your business can greatly affect the physical reality of how quickly we can move your old office furniture out of there. Is your business on higher floors? Are there readily available service elevators? Does your building have loading docks? Will we have to move your furniture out through the front door? These are just a few of the questions we ask ourselves in order to give you an honest, fair quote of how long it will take us to move your office furniture.


Scope, of course, is the size of the liquidation project that you want us to perform. Some of our clients have a small business in a quaint building, and some of our clients need us to remove furniture from entire floors of office buildings. It’s a simple enough detail, but absolutely crucial to the way we do business.


The other extremely important thing to keep in mind regarding our liquidation service is that we are not only 100% reliable, but we also are extremely competitive in our pricing. Obviously, Integrity is in our name, so we pride ourselves on being able to give you one simple, straight-forward price upfront for the project we’re proposing. We don’t tack on hidden fees and other underhanded pricing adjustments like our competitors, because we want to make the experience of office liquidation simple for you… not harder than it needs to be.


Naturally, most businesses find liquidation a good time to update or remodel, because there are plenty of liquid assets, it minimizes office disturbance, and it’s good for morale. For many of the businesses we deal with, part of the problem is that they don’t know what’s out there. While we have countless items in our inventory, we’re taking a minute here to highlight some of the most popular brand name cubicles that we carry.


In case you didn’t know, office furniture quality is generally determined by the ratio of plastic to steel. As you could imagine, more steel equals a better product. You might ask yourself, “What’s in a name?” In the office furniture business, it can actually be a lot. Top name brands like Haworth have been in the business for many decades, which has allowed them to develop higher quality standards due to an increased expectation by their customers.


Part of the Integrity promise is to always carry dependable brands that have all undergone rigorous inspection standards to make sure that in selling their product used, we uphold the brand’s reputation for exceptional product.


The first sample cubicle we have to show today is the Haworth Unigroup 5×5. Keep in mind, there are numerous variations of the most popular cubicles. The model linked here features 42” height, which would work best for an office where being open is a necessity. It gives a little bit of partition height over the desk, but still gives a high degree of visibility which allows your employees to easily communicate and exchange resources.


On the other side, cubicle units with higher partitions are important for highly populated offices that rely heavily on phone calls for their business. This is because the height helps keep out excess noise by the cubicles’ partitions actually absorbing the sound. This model of the Haworth Premise 8×8 features 64 inch high partitions, which offer an increased benefit in this regard. The Premise is considerably easy on the eyes as well, with a smart charcoal trim finish and a natural-feeling maple laminate.


There are plenty of other utility functions to the Premise 8×8, such as  the  48×24 inch corners with a uniformly sized return. There is also an open shelf, flipper door, task light, and box file.


At Integrity Wholesale Furniture, our goal is to inform our customers so they know not only what they are getting, but so they know early on what they are looking for as well. Our liquidation service is yet another example of how we try to keep things simple for you. The way we look at it, simplicity and information make it so that decisions about how to sell your used office furniture are easier for you, and you can get back to doing everything else you need to take care of at the office.


We sincerely thank you for reading this edition of our blog, and we hope that you take the time to look at our site, send us an e-mail, or give us a call and let us know how we can help you! We look forward to letting you know how we can help YOU with your next used office furniture purchase or office furniture liquidation project today!

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