FAQ: What services does Integrity Wholesale offer?

    • What services does Integrity Wholesale Furniture offer?

      Perhaps the best known services that Integrity Wholesale Furniture offers are our furniture buyback (liquidation) service and our used furniture sales. While these two aspects are the backbone of our business, we offer a host of other services which support and enrich the value we demonstrate time and time again to our customers.

      For example, two of our services which are naturally associated with our sales are installation and delivery. While we are situated in the Midwest, we have delivered and completed installations in 50 out of 50 states- a pretty wide range. For customers, it can be time consuming, draining, and sometimes downright confusing to try and set up all of that newly acquired used furniture. We don’t just drop it off at your doorstep… we come right through the doorway and make sure all of it is set up the way it is supposed to be. Our customers love this service because it’s easier to go through a single service with one low price through us then to worry excessively about marked up shipping and confusing logistics with external carriers.

      Some of our other services center around the belief that your experience with us doesn’t end with the product. While the used furniture that we sell you is exceptional, we want to make sure it looks good and feels good in the space that you have. There are countless different office configurations that we have worked with in the past, so we know that there are some unusual floor plans. Are you unsure where the used furniture you bought from or are looking to buy from us would fit in to your office? We can have our office look at the AutoCAD file for your floor plan or come in personally to evaluate your space and help you figure out where everything fits best. We also have interior design service to help improve the visual appeal of your office so it feels more like home to you and your employees.

      If you just can’t stand to part with some old classics, we also offer full service refurbishing including in-house Electro-static painting to give your existing furniture new life. We specialize in repainting school lockers and bathroom partitions as well. Our other convenient refurbishing service is reupholstery for anything ranging from task chairs to panel fabric to tack boards and flipper doors.

      For Cleveland and Columbus clients, we also have warehouses that are dry, clean, and secure, which we can store furniture that you need a temporary solution for. As always, we provide as many options as possible to make sure that your office furniture needs are well taken care of!

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