Get used office furniture for less in Pittsburgh!



What’s the point of buying used if you can’t find used office furniture for less?  At Integrity Wholesale Furniture, we pride ourselves on the uber-low competitive prices that we offer for our extensively wide ranging and superlative office furniture. If you want some kind of office furniture, whether it be cubicles, seating, files, or other assorted items, there’s a solid chance that we have it.


We are also known for our many wonderful services and expertise in the office furniture industry in general. This comes from decades of experience in the business, so we’ve learned through diligent observations of trends in the services, and also other things that add or take away value. It is out hope that when purchase that you get the most out of your dollar. We will try with every bone in our to make you happy.


A common service—perhaps—the most so, that people come to us for is our office buyback service.  This service entails taking away your old office furniture and giving you one price up front.  Again, we pride ourselves in being very very competitive, and that’s why we want to make sure that you’re getting what’s fair.


We also have a large number of used files… perfect for keeping all of your documents safe and orderly. Products like this Meridian lateral file are a great way to integrate storage and functionality into your individual cubicle partitions. We also have a huge number of regular lateral files as well, if you’re looking for traditional solutions.


We also offer office planning. This is great because it allows us to look at the configurations of the cubicles you have or plan on getting and the actual floor plan of your office, and figure out how to make the most out of your space.


One of the most common names in office cubicles is the Herman Miller AO2. We have many different models, like this 6×8 which offers the expertise of Herman Miller and the exceptional value of buying it used. We work hard to keep our stock up, so we can service any kind of business from the smaller “ma and pa” companies to larger corporations.


At Integrity Wholesale Furniture, we’re dedicated to our customers in the Pittsburgh area. We’ve served hundreds of businesses in our decades of experience, and would be honored to have the opportunity to see what we can do for you! Either fill out a form on our website or give us a call to find out today how you can get used office furniture for less!

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