Great deals in Cincinnati on used office furniture, as well as moving and delivery services.



We have everything that your business needs, big or small, for updating your office furniture. At Integrity Wholesale Furniture, we have hundreds upon hundreds of different options for YOUR office, whether you are looking for used cubicles or used office seating. We also have countless variations and styles of filing cabinets for your information storing needs. We’ve handled complex needs of hundreds of businesses in the Cincinnati area in our decades of experience, and look forward to the opportunity to cater to your needs.


The natural question you’re probably asking is: what can Logistics, Delivery and Moving service do for me? In most cases, not every one of this applies to your business at a given time… so we’ll go through each one, so you can see what applies to your needs, and why any of these could make your life easier.


When we refer to logistics, we are referring to our relationship with our courier services. Naturally, whatever the nature of your business with us might be, the relationship we hold with our couriers makes your experience better and better. This is because we can hold delivery times accountable with the same guarantee and trust that businesses know us for. To boil it down: if you buy from us, you’re going to get what you need on time.


Many businesses occasionally find the need to change spaces. Maybe it is because your business is downsizing, or perhaps it is because your company finally has the location that you always hoped for. No matter what the cause for your move, we know that keeping all the odds and ends together can be difficult. Where we come in is the organizational and logistical side of things.


If you’re looking for delivery because you just bought some used office furniture from us, you’re in luck because we understand the urgency your business needs and deserves. When we sell a customer any product, we let you know immediately when we can get you the furniture. That way, we work with you to ensure the arrival of your furniture when you need it.


When you move to a new location, you want the transition to be seamless, and in order for that to happen, everything needs to go according to plan. Our couriers will make sure that you have this element during your move, and our logistical experts will make sure that everything is coded and filed, so you know which truck has which pieces, and when they will get there.


Businesses that move with us also get the benefit of coordinating their purchases so that the used office furniture you buy from us will get to the new location in sync with the rest of your office supplies. Again, this cuts back on downtime so that your office can get back to normal as soon as possible.


With that being said, our great used office products are perhaps the main reason why customers find their way to us. We want to show you why our used office furniture has such unprecedented value so that you, like so many other businesses, will keep coming back to us time and time again.


For starters, buying used office furniture will allow your business to make a meaningful contribution to our environment by reducing waste. Buying used means that less furniture will go into landfills throughout the year, and your business can even work towards green tax cuts and other incentives. If that’s what you’re looking for, we can provide you with all the information you might need to keep your records towards those advantages.


Buying used office furniture has virtually no downside: just about every piece of office furniture we have in our warehouse is 8/10 quality or better… in many cases our furniture is practically unused. Whenever we acquire furniture through a buyback or other means, we always thoroughly inspect every piece that enters our inventory in order to uphold this promise of quality. That way you know whenever you buy from us, you’re getting what you want.


If you’re looking for a great used cubicle, we have plenty in stock. We make sure to keep dozens of different kinds at any given time in stock, including these Herman Miller 6×8 cubicles. The idea is that every business has different needs, so we keep stocking different sizes and different brands.


We also keep a fleet of used office chairs in our warehouse space. Some of them, like the Herman Miller Reaction chair, are immensely popular. Like the cubicles, each different chair is useful for different purposes.  Our hope is to make sure that whatever your business is, you can have the right seating for you.


Hopefully, this blog has helped explain some of our products and some of our services. Honestly and truly, our goal is to help businesses like yours find what they need. Regardless of what you’re looking for, we would like to remind you that the best way to find out exactly what we have and what we can do for you is to get in contact with us directly, whether you’re looking for excellent used office furniture, or our delivering or moving service.

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