Herman Miller Chairs and Cubicles are here for less in Cleveland!



Are you a business owner who has recently opened an office in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area, and are now in need of quality office furniture at an affordable price?  Our professionals have been working in this business for years and bring all their expert knowledge and experience to every job.  We can help you make the most of your space and your money so that when all is said and done you have a practical, attractive, comfortable work environment for yourself and your employees.
Also, with Integrity Wholesale Furniture you know from the start that you’ll be getting a quality product because we carefully inspect and rate each item we have available, and only carry office furniture from manufacturers who are known industry-wide for their attention to detail and commitment to creating the best office furniture on the market.
One such manufacturer is Herman Miller.  A standard name in office furniture, Herman Miller is known for constructing their products out of durable, long-lasting, and recyclable materials, and for creating great designs that address comfort, aesthetic appeal, and function.  Two great products we have currently in our inventory from Herman Miller are the Herman Miller AO2 workstations, and the Herman Miller Reaction office chair.
Herman Miller AO2 cubicles are a great choice when a traditional four-cornered desk just won’t cut it in terms of space.  These L-shaped workstations measure 5.5×7.5 or 7.5×5.5, with a lot of work surface – a 24″x42″ corner, and wings measuring 24″x24” and 24”x48”.  This cubicle also allows for plenty of room to store supplies and important files with BFF and FF pedestals and two overhead locking flipper door units.  There is also a built in task light to better illuminate your work.  The cubicle walls only measure 67” high, which offers great privacy and cancels out distracting noise from around the rest of the office.
A great companion for these AO2 cubicles would be the Herman Miller Reaction office chair.  The Reaction chair’s comfortable and graceful design makes it an excellent addition for your business.  It features a long list of adjustable settings, so each employee can customize these chairs to be the most comfortable and supportive for them, with options such as adjusting seat height, tilt, and depth, customizable lumbar support, and adjustable arm rests.  The Herman Miller Reaction chair is a great selection when considering the long term health and comfort of your employees during those long eight hour days.
For more information about how the Herman Miller AO2 cubicles or the Herman Miller Reaction chair – or any other Herman Miller office furniture products – could be a fit for your Cleveland, Ohio office, contact us.

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