Integrity Wholesale offers great used furniture in Indianapolis, like Herman Miller Aeron chairs!



For all of your office furniture needs, there’s no better place in the greater Indianapolis, Indiana region than Integrity Wholesale Furniture. Our massive inventory is fully stocked with quality used cubicles, office chairs, desks, and filing cabinets—everything that your growing business could need—and always at an affordable price. If you’re in need of name brand office furniture without the hefty price tag that comes with it, Integrity Wholesale Furniture is here to help fit your business with the perfect used office furniture for you. One great product we currently have in our inventory is the Herman Miller Aeron office chair.
As you are probably aware, Herman Miller is committed to manufacturing products that are people friendly as well as eco-friendly. The Aeron office is 94% recyclable for when this chair is at the end of many years of faithful service. These earth friendly materials are quality, durable parts that will maintain their value and strength long into the future.
This chair is an ideal option when you need a comfortable chair for your workers to complete their tasks throughout the day. The design choices that make this chair so attractive were also contributing factors to how striking and ergonomic the chair is, from the width and height of the back down to the mechanism that lets the chair to easily tilt and pivot with the movements of your body.
The design of the Aeron is often imitated, and it’s easy to see why – Herman Miller’s Aeron office chair has an attractive, modern look that stands out amongst the usual office faire, but is subtle enough to avoid clashing with any existing furniture. Whether the aesthetic of your office is streamlined and modern, elegant, traditional, or something more creative – this chair will be what you need.
The chair’s ergonomics can make the eight hour work day go by with ease. The chair is engineered to create an easy, healthy posture with all the support your employees look for in a good office chair. There are a number of ways to customize this chair to meet the needs of every individual employee, including but certainly not limited to customizable seat height, tilt tension and forward tilt adjustments, arm height and angle options, and adjustable lumbar support.
If the Herman Miller Aeron chair sounds like it’s what your business needs, contact us – or browse through our great selection of used desks and office cubicles, as well! Integrity Wholesale Furniture is always happy to provide Indianapolis businesses such as your own with a variety of used office furniture for sale, and always at competitive prices.

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