Learn how to bring the best out of your office with color!



There are so many colors that brighten our world. Think of the amber glow of a sunset over the ocean… the soft cerulean morning mist between an Appalachian mountain pass. Chances are you’ve seen something like this, and you remember it because it caused a reaction. The thing is, your brain reacts to all of the colors and every different one puts you in to a different mood. It may not be as breath-taking as a sunset, but with the right effort, you can make your office impact your employees’ and guests’ moods with just the right touch. Here we will take a look at some of the colors that can impact your office atmosphere.


People perceive white spaces as clean and sterile. It’s no wonder why most hospitals use white heavily in their themes. Using white in your office can be helpful if you want to create a clean space for your employees.


Green tones in an office provide a natural atmosphere. It couples very well with an office that has open windows that look upon trees. It’s a great way to bring elements of the outdoors inside and keep your workers from getting cabin fever in the spring!


Orange is a fairly intense color, and by that token, it’s not a surprise that it helps your employees concentrate and collaborate. Great for rooms where people need to focus!


Blue colors are great for fostering a sense of tranquility and peace. Always a great option for high stress work environments.

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