Used Kimball Cubicles 90×90, 66 high

Make: Kimball
Size: 7.5x7.5 (90x90)
Quantity: 16
Quick Ship: Yes
Phone: 440-967-7718 or 440-683-4385


Kimball cubicles, all panels are 66″ high. Stations were originally set-up as two 8-packs with power down the spine. Each station has a 30×90 main worksurface with a 24×60 return worksurface. BBF 30″ deep pedestal under main worksurface and a 2-drawer lateral file under the return worksurface. Each station comes with a 48″ overhead binder bin with light and a 42″ shelf. 30×66 closure panel. product is in very good as-is condition. The panel fabric may need spot cleaning. The product is torn-down and located in Cleveland,Ohio warehouse.

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