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The way we look at our offices as a culture changes day to day. The trends all change, the designs all change. Nothing stays the same for too long. Considering this, it’s no surprise that interior design is a market that hinges on trends. For example, it’s like how if you saw people dancing, you’d find it comical if not tacky to see a disco ball illuminated and hanging from the ceiling. Designers have caught on though, and have found that they need to make products that better anticipate the market. Every so often, they get it right too, and come up with a classic. Our used Steelcase Leap chairs in Columbus demonstrate this in their functionality and simple design. Sometimes, however, designers come up with something that doesn’t just weather the test of time… it goes with it.

The Herman Miller Ethospace is a cubicle that is more than just a cubicle… it’s a cubicle system. What I mean by this is that is that it is frame and tile based, which allows the unit to easily be reconfigured. You can change it to match the function it needs, like adding acoustic paneling to keep noise out, and you can change it to match the style of your office, like by adding hardwood exterior panels to look nice and match. Since it was debuted in the 80’s, the Ethospace itself has evolved to have even more options available, like frames that scale between 38 inches all the way to 86 and beyond, all with using the same cubicle system.

The Ethospace is quite flexible, and can scale to meet the demands of your office, as well as meet any growth or changes your office endures. Since parts are interchangeable, chances are you don’t need to do anything drastic… just buy the replacement parts you need and it’s better than new!

To make changes even easier, Integrity Wholesale Furniture is here to make transition even easier. With our trained staff, we can come up with solutions that are both cost effective and design conscious. Our inventory allows us to pull furniture for our customers that looks brand new but at a substantially lower cost. Give us a call for to find your ideal long term solution today, whether it’s our used Steelcase Leap chairs in Columbus, or something else.

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