Create a Healthy office space with our used Steelcase Avenir 8×9 cubicles in Cincinnati.



How many hours do you spend in your office each week? Sure, we tell people 40 hours, but how many people really work for 40 hours anymore? With promotions always looming in the horizon, quotas to fulfill, it’s pretty common to work 50+ hours at least. And the thing is, these long work weeks can be positively exhausting—both mentally and physically. When you make sure you keep your mind and your body healthy, you’ll be happy with yourself as well as your work. Along with purchasing the right furniture, like our used Steelcase Avenir 8×8 cubicles in Cincinnati, here are some helpful tips on how to keep healthy at work.

People don’t realize how important selecting the right office chair is. It’s more than just a pedestal for your rump—it aligns your entire body and can greatly affect your circulation throughout the day. If you don’t have good support and the correct alignment, you can suffer tremendous degrees of discomfort or even pain, ranging from sore backs, necks, legs, and also pains that can lead to serious medical conditions down the road. An ideal chair should be both comfortable to sit in, while also providing maximum support for your back and lumbar region. You need to make sure it’s well adjusted, so that the height allows you to look straight on to your computer screen. Even with ideal settings, you still should stretch every hour or two to make sure that the stress on your joints isn’t compounding, even if it’s just to walk over to the water fountain for a drink.

Another important aspect to consider is that your employees spend close to half of their day working. Most people need a sense of nesting. Putting a lot of photos, paintings, or painting your walls in vibrant tones can really make your employee’s moods lively and productive. Many cubicles also can be customized by adding panels to suit your needs.

While there are many different ways to make your office more comfortable, the best approach is often hard to distinguish. That’s why Integrity Wholesale Furniture is here to help. Our stock of pre-owned office furniture is expansive and in great condition. We lead the used furniture industry and pass the savings on to you. Give us a call; we’ll work with you to make sure that your office is habitable, whether it’s with our used Steelcase Avenir 8×8 cubicles in Cincinnati, or something else.

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