Learn the value of used office furniture.



Why would you ever buy new office furniture when you can by fantastic looking, lower cost, high quality pre-owned furniture by top brands? Integrity Wholesale Furniture’s business involves liquidating name-brand office furniture from all kinds of businesses across the US. We take the best products to our warehouse facility to be thoroughly inspected. When furniture passes the inspection, we pass the value and savings on to our customers. Our used cubicles and office seating are both great ways to save some money without sacrificing quality.

Our customers are always impressed with the quality of the products they receive from us, because we show them how imperceptible the difference between new and used can be.  Many companies make the mistake of buying new office furniture from cheaper brands, only to have the furniture deteriorate in a couple years.  We can provide you better quality furniture for less that will last you even longer. We carry a wide variety of cubicles, office seating, filing cabinets, and conference tables, so whatever your need might be, we can over you the best. More importantly, you’re buying furniture that isn’t consuming more raw materials, which is both conscientious of the environment, and can also earn you points towards LEED certification.

We can also make customizations to the furniture you purchase from us so that your office can look the way you always hoped. Our design specialists have the experience needed to look at your office and turn it into something special which can allow your employees to work comfortably. Come to us for the very best in used office furniture and service.