Office Furniture Buy-back has never been so easy in Columbus!



The challenges of today’s office managers can be quite daunting. With many businesses downsizing and the duties of many different jobs coalescing into the business manager’s position, office liquidation “(or office furniture buy-back) and acquisition of new furniture are just another few duties which can add to the chaos. We, at Integrity Wholesale Furniture, can make it easier, because we work with numerous Columbus businesses to provide them with what they need most at a lower cost. What’s more important is that there’s no hassle, so it can take a lot of that burden off of you, whether you’re the office manager or the owner!


As part of our high priority for providing needed services for our customers, we offer a top-rated buyback service. Selling your old furniture to us is simple, because we can tell you when we come in exactly what your existing furniture is worth. When we give you a quote, we keep it simple, down to one flat rate, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or anything of that nature.


When your office is undergoing a transition can be the perfect time to acquire a new look for your office, like our high quality used office furniture! We offer numerous configurations and options for almost everything imaginable. We have used cubicles, chairs, desks, conference tables, files, and even more! All of our stock is guaranteed to have a faithful representation in terms of the quality we list in its description. Most of our stock is 8/10 or better, but as always, the price reflects the savings.


We have a really extensive inventory of used cubicles, a point of pride, which is sure to offer you whatever you’re looking for. There are many factors you should keep in mind when considering what you’re looking for in a cubicle, whether you’re just starting out or looking to replace. For those of you who have existing business, it’s important to think of what you like about your existing cubicles, as well as things you find irksome or that you’re concerned about. Do you need more space? Are your current cubicles making the rest of your office space feel clunky or claustrophobic?


Depending on the space you have, there is probably an easy solution. We also offer the service of space planning, so if you’re not sure about what the best decision would be for your office space, we’ve got you covered. If you know what you’re looking for, that’s great! Contact us with this form, so that one of our representatives can give you an exact detail of our stock so there’s no need to fetter over the small things.


For new businesses, you’ll need to make decisions about whether you want smaller cubicles that are more efficient, or larger cubicles that offer more room, but are more cumbersome. If your floor plan is open and you want your employees to have more space, you might want to go for something larger, because it allows your employees more “elbow” room, but if you have very limited space, our smaller 5x5s and 6×6’s are in great shape!


Our pick of the day is from Steelcase. Steelcase is a long-lived company with an instantly recognizable name to anyone who is familiar with the office furniture trade. This particular model is 6×8 inches with 66 inch tall panels. The tall panels are really nice, because they offer an unprecedented amount of noise cancellation, which helps your workers to concentrate—without distraction—on what they are doing.


For exceptional files, we also have quite a few different varieties. Again with files, there are a lot of questions you want to ask yourself. Most importantly, you will need to know how much space you have to work with. If your space is limited, then lateral files that are stacked higher will be more useful. For those more open floor plans, sometimes the shorter stacks work better and can line the walls. Really, the important thing is to start thinking about what you need, so when you talk to us we can help you get just the right thing.


Here are some 5 drawer lateral files by GF. They are stacked high and set wide, so they can safely keep quite a lot of paperwork. Many of our customers prefer files like these, because they are non-descript, which means it’s hard for them to clash with any of the existing elements of your office space.


As always, quality, lower prices, and integrity are our promise to our customers, because it makes us feel better when customers keep coming back to us year after year. With our many services and used office products, we strive to constantly offer more to you in order to meet your increasing business needs. Be sure to check out our website for even more examples of our inventories, as well as our exceptional services like our top-rated buy-back service!

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