Steelcase Avenir 9×7.5, 64 high cubicles

Make: Steelcas Avenir
Size: 9x7.5
Quantity: 70+
Quick Ship: Yes
Phone: 440-967-7718 or 440-683-4385


Steelcase Avenir cubicles, 64″ high with power down the spine. These stations are currently set up as 9×7.5. They can be easily reconfigured into 6×7.5 or 6.5×7.5. Worksurfaces are 30″ deep and consist of a 30×42 corner with a 30×66 and 30×48 return worksurface. 30″ deep BBF and FF locking pedestals. 60″ overhead binder bin with task light. Good as-is conditon. Paint is light blue, steelcase number 4723, speckle laminate. These stations can also make 30×60 telemarketing stations.