Friant Tiles – Herman Miller Ethospace

Make: Herman Miller Ethospace
Size: ALL`
Quantity: 1000
Phone: 440.967.7718 or 440.683.4385

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NEW, very good quality, but priced like USED.

TILES – Panel systems segmented. This durable frame
and tile system is a designers dream with grad “A” fit
and finish and six material finishes to mix and match.

Available finishes: fabric, glass, perforated metal, rail, laminate, and whiteboard. Tiles allows for the
ultimate in design flexibility. Electrical allows for
large cable lay-in capability with power and data
available at belt-line or in the base.

Herman Miller Ethospace compatible.

Tiles is a solid design savvy system that affords you
the custom look without the added cost or lead time.

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