Learn How To Make The Most Of Your Cubicles.



Cubicle. Take a moment to ponder what this word brings to mind. In most cases, it’s “gray, dull, monotonous”, and other negative concoctions of boredom and death. Some people even think of the classic office satire, Office Space, and how many office workers daydream about even working in construction over their little 5×5. The truth is, working in a cubicle is the reality for many of our employment situations. According to several surveys, about 20% of the money spent on a new office goes towards cubicles. Furthermore, 70% of office business happens in cubicles according to Steelcase, which is one of the top office furniture manufacturers. This should only stress the importance of making your office’s cubicle spaces as comfortable and inviting as possible for your employees.

One example of a versatile cubicle unit is the Herman Miller Ethospace cubicle. The technology put into this cubicle is pretty neat. The frame and tile system incorporated in this model allows you to easily switch out tiles that suit your needs.

For example, if you need to shut out virtually all sounds from coming into the cubicle, you can easily install acoustical panels that absorb sound. If you want more visibility but still want the sound reduction, you can put in clear panels, creating the illusion of an open workspace. If you want your workspaces to be genuinely open, you can put in lower tiles so they are uninhibited.

This method also allows you to easily customize the panels because you can take them off to paint them. Whether it is a vibrant yellow to promote a sunshiny energy or a green to encourage tranquility, every color has a different subtle impact and can drastically improve your employees’ lifestyle in the work place.

If you’re concerned with storage space, you can also add additional file boxes and whatnot to the units with little effort at all, making the high degree of versatility prove itself time after time. Other possible options are additional shelving units as well.

Integrity Wholesale Furniture can help you find what you need for your business to beat the office blues. Deciding which options are best for your office can seem daunting, but it can also be the most exciting part for you. Contact Integrity Wholesale Furniture and be one step closer making your office aesthetically pleasing and more efficient through our used office furniture!

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