Used Aeron Chairs, Used AO2s, and much much more in Pittsburgh!



Here at Integrity Wholesale we take pride in the quality of the services and products we offer to you and your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania business.  It is our goal for all of our customers to be completely satisfied.  That’s why we make it our main priority to approach every task with total professionalism and years of expertise!  Our customers won’t settle for less and we’d never ask them to.


Two of the most popular Herman Miller products we’re proud to carry are the Herman Miller Aeron office chair, and Herman Miller’s AO2 cubicles!


This nice-looking Aeron office chair has a very distinct design.  This bold black chair is comprised of smooth, graceful lines, for one.  Probably the most notable thing about the Aeron may be what the seat and back are made of, however.  Many standard office chairs have either cushioned or solid plastic seats and backs, but the aeron chair is made of revolutionary woven material!


This chair offers among the most comfort of any office chair.  The woven material developed specifically for this chair gently supports your body and conforms to the shape, evenly distributing pressure and providing excellent support.   It also has comfortable, adjustable arms to reduce pain and pressure in your arms and neck.


Our commitment to quality doesn’t end with our services, however.  We have the same exceptional standard for the used office furniture we offer you.  You’ll notice looking through our huge inventory that certain brand names will begin to look very familiar – names such as Haworth, Herman Miller, and Steelcase, to name a few.  That’s because we know the excellent products they create are the top on the market, so we specifically seek them out.  We know they’ll stand up to the excellent quality of used office furniture we want to pass on to you.


The Herman Miller AO2 cubicle is blissfully spacious and simplistic.  It measures 7.5×5.5 and a lofty 67” tall.  This cubicle has two work surfaces set across from each other – one large primary work surface, and a number of other great features.


The graphite colored frame and bottom portion of the AO2 cubicle walls contrast nicely with the taupe upper panel of the walls and the bright, striking laminate work surfaces.  This is a clean, streamlined design with lots to offer in terms of functional space and an orderly aesthetic.


In addition to these top quality examples of Herman Miller office furniture available now, check out the rest of the great items we have in stock – from desks to filing cabinets to office chairs and so much more.  Let Integrity Wholesale be your only stop for any and all of your office furniture needs!

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